Saturday, May 7, 2011

How to Win the Strength & Hope stamp set


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Monday, May 2, 2011

Stampin' Shorty's Birthday Blog Hop Winners

Hi everyone I 1st want to thank everyone for all the sweet birthday comments you all posted. I really hope you all enjoyed hoping and enjoyed my prodject & all the giveaways.All the giveaways are all from me no one sponsored any of it. Usually on your birthday people give you gifts well this time I decided to give out gifts & share my birthday with all of youPhotobucket Now onto the winners of the whole week " Can we now have a drum roll please " The winners arePhotobucket
I picked all the winners from a random number generator
If your name is down below you will be recieving an email Photobucket you will have til May 7th 2011 to reply back from the email to receive your giveaway if you do not reply back in time then I will have to pick another winner

The winner for Day 1 is: Lisa R. said... Love these waterfall cards! Fun. Great colors and embossing. Thanks for sharing.

The Winner for Day 2 is: Toni said... LOVE chocolate! TFS.

The Winner for Day 3 is: Theresa said...
Sooo cute!!! I love the treat ideas you are coming up with, soooo perfect!

The Winner for Day 4 is: The Kolbes said... What an awesome idea. I love it. Thanks for sharing.Trish

The Winner for Day 5 is: Laura said... Simply ADORABLE!! Love it!

The Winner for Day 6 is: Noelle Reese said... Didn't I just say yesterday how much I love cupcakes? LOL What a fantastic card! That punch label shape is awesome!

The Winner for Day 7 is: Scrappy Heartz said... Loved your blog hop! I have been a follower for some time now, Sorry about the turn out! Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!

Now for the suprise giveaway the winner is:Lindsey said... This is a super cute box! Do you use it for your own card storage? Or do you use it as a gift? I have your blinkie too :)

Now don't be all strangers come visit my blog again &Photobucket to all the winners

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