Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's Been About Time

I took this picture early Monday morning, The moon was setting while the sun was rising. I thought it looked pretty so I had to take this picture. That is one thing I love about my place I have such a beautiful view which I love,love,love it. Well over the weekend we finally got notice that we are getting new windows installed, we had to get them last year but we got bumped off cause they were installing the other bulidings.So today they started to working on putting the scaffolding & we are set for March 3rd to get them installed, I'm looking fwd. on getting them done cause we really needed them & in late Sept. I will be moving my craft room into another room so I will be renovating my new craftroom the end of Sept. when it starts getting cooler. I really don't want to renovate in the summer it's way to hot here which I rather spend the time in my pool so decided to do it the end of Sept. which I'm very excited about


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